Design is not only about aesthetics — it's about making the inner qualities visible.

Design by Sabah Chughtai | Freelance Graphic Designer Oslo

I’m a freelance graphic designer in Oslo / Lillestrøm. My work includes company branding, logo design, visual marketing and print design such as business cards, posters, flyers and brochures. The past two-three years I’ve been studying design and working with smaller companies and organizations.

How I ended up as a Designer

With my educational background in natural sciences and mathematics I’m a problem solver by nature. I’ve also worked as a private tutor in maths at UNAK, Oslo which have made me better at communicating ideas. Maths and other related subjects might seem gray and rigid, but I see it as creative subjects. The ‘maths’ taught in schools are often more about calculating and less about math. Conrad Wolfram talks about this in his TED talk Teaching kids real math with computers, and I share some of his views. So, even though I enjoy science related subjects; I wanted my education to be more creative, combining the problem-solving way of thinking from the science world.

I think this may be part of the reason I became more interested in design — Or as one of my teachers would call it: allergic to bad design. I enjoy good design when it reflects something that’s great. So, I started teaching myself design and later made it a part of my studies. I’ve studied Graphic Design at Noroff and at the present I am a student of Interaction Design at UiO along with my work as a freelancer.

So feel free to contact me if you happen to need a strong branding and visual marketing. And if you're passionate about your company, I'll be passionate about the design.