Designgruppen is a design agency establishing a community of freelance designers and artists to help companies succeed in Oslo. The company’s vision is to create a “landscape” of designers –  facilitating design. This vision is symbolized in the branding with a stripe from edge-to-edge, both in the typography: with a horizon through the baseline with the descenders of the g’s and p’s rooted down through the landscape; as well as the thin stripe throughout the profile. The photos in the branding also has a little silver lining – the “landscape” from the designers natural habitat: the desk! Using wooded desks in the imagery also goes well with the green detail color of the profile.

The typeface is based on Posterama by Monotype Imaging Inc. – a typeface family with multiple styles each inspired by different times periods with the Posterama Text as the base style. Bones of the design can be seen in the Futura and Gill Sans typefaces, giving the logo a slightly classic yet modern and timeless look.