House of Nerds

House of Nerds is a place and community for nerds to gather — with gaming stations, party rooms, esport arena- & bar, creative zones, and maker- & hackerspace.

The shape of the logo is inspired by the shape of a shield and the triangular end of a vertical heraldic flag — symbolizing solidarity, as well as medieval nerdom! The logo symbol which is fixed inside the shield represents the letter ‘n‘ inspired by the @-sign to form a house around the letter. Emerging from the form of the shield, the logos for each department of the house all share a common thread. The logo typeface is Mason Sans Bold by Emigre, Inc. and reflects the medieval and modern feel of the profile. Together, the symbol, the typeface and the royal blue color profile reflects the royal/medieval and modern style of the interior design of the house, directed by Adriane Vinter and Inna Hansen.