I'm in the middle of two slightly different worlds: graphic design and web design. In other words, I focus on the visual aspects with a user-centered approach, both on print and screen. I've studied graphic design and I'm currently studying interaction design along my work as a freelancer. With my educational background in science I'm a problem solver by nature, in addition to being creative by heart.

I'm primarily on the lookout for organizations and companies with great products and services - things that are worth designing for. So, if that's you, feel free to connect!



Bachelor of Informatics:
Design, Use, Interaction

User-centered design. Usability. Design testing and evaluation. Part-time study as of August 2015.


Graphic Design

Creative methods. Strategic design. Concept development. Design principles. 


Physics, Astronomy and Meteorology

Problem solving. Critical thinking.
Part-time study.


Natural Sciences

Problem solving. Rational reasoning. Abstract thinking. Modeling and simulation.




Freelance Graphic Designer

Branding. Print design. Initiative.

Main clients/projects: 

  • Semway
  • Collaboration, advertising



UX design. Team building. Strategy.


Design Consultant

Visual communication. Print design. Digital design.


Design Trainee

Web. Interaction. Digital design.


Private tutor

Communication. Education.


Voluntary work


AMJ Norge

Internal communications (IC). Print design. Web content management. Event photography.

  • Graphic Designer
  • January 2014 Present
  • Event Photographer
  • September 2014 Present
  • Web-team member
  • July 2014 Present


OSI Aikido

Public relations (PR). Print design. Administration.

  • PR Manager / Graphic Designer
  • January Desember 2015
  • Vice-chairman
  • July — Desember 2014